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2010 Grammy Award Hairstyles & Gowns


WOW! I was very pleased with the 2010 Grammy Awards and the women, stunning! Here are some of my favourites, who do you think rocked the red carpet?


Carrie Underwood 2010 Grammy Awards


















Keri Hilson 2010 Grammy Awards



Katy Perry 2010 Grammy Awards


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Rihanna 2010 Grammy Awards



Taylor Swift 2010 Grammy Awards



Lady Gaga 2010 Grammy Awards





2010 Golden Globes - The Best Hairstyles and Gowns



Here are some of my favourite's from the 2010 Golden Globes.

Best 2010 Golden Globes Gowns


I absolutely love Christina Aguilera's strapless peach colored chiffon gown with a metallic bodice by Versace!  I could never pull it off like she does and I think that's why it is one of my favourite Golden Globe Gowns. I also love the simplicity yet elegance of Courtney Cox Arquette and Kate Winslet's gowns. Kate Hudson looks fabulous as well, I love the bodice part of her gown and she can definitely pull of white!

Best 2010 Golden Globes Hairstyles



Penelope Cruz looked stunning with her soft, loosely curled Golden Globes Hairstyle and Christina Aguilera's Bob Hairstyle which was worn straight and sleek, compliments her gown nicely. Sandra Bullock was definitely my favourite Golden Globes up-do hairstyle and although I cannot stand her dress, Anna-Lynne McCord's ringlets are perfect! Halle Berry always looks stunning and she shows us how a short hairstyle can still be feminine and sexy!






ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment Review - Damaged Hair Care


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Everyone Loves A Giveaway!

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Twisted Sister - 2010 Hairstyle Trend Messy Chignon, Twisted UpDo's




This year, a modern twist on the chignon is a super hot hair trend and is being seen all over the runways and on celebs such as Jessica Biel. Updo's are perfect for those days when your hair just inst cooperating as well as holiday party's! Check out some of these hot chignons and twists and get inspired. I love the fact that with these updo's you really cant go wrong, whatever you create will work!






Don't have longg enough hair to create a chignon? Check out the Hairdo Salon Clip-In Hair from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves Updo Chignon.

Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson HairDo Extensions available at ShopKenPaves.com - CLICK HERE


ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment Review


So I have heard SO many amazing things about ISH Ionic Pro Rescue Treatment that I decided I had to try it! This Ionic Hair Treatment is used by celebs such as Beyonce and Mariah Carey and has been featured in many beauty magazines such as InStyle, Allure and L.A. Brides.

ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment is said to transform dry, frizzy and damaged hair and Get Silky Sexy Hair Like a Hollywood Celebrity! .They also currently had a great deal going on (I have shared it with you below) so how could I say no? My Ionic Treatment is on it's way and I plan to post an Ionic Pro Review so be sure to check back! If it is all it's said to be then I am definitely excited, I mean, who doesn't want smooth, silky, frizz free hair??



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